IP Service Areas

Patent application

A U.S. patent gives you the exclusive right to make, use, or sell an invention in the United States.

I prepare and file provisional and nonprovisional patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). These include:

  • Utility patents – a patent on some aspect of an idea’s structure or function
  • Design patents – a patent that covers a product’s look

Filing a patent application can help you protect your intellectual property. I help clients identify their IP goals, develop a strategy to achieve them, and prepare all of the necessary patent applications.

If my clients’ business reaches outside of the United States, I work with them to outline the right patent strategy for their organization’s goals. Then, I coordinate with attorneys in other countries to help my clients get international patents.

In addition to full-service patent application services, I’m happy to work with inventors who want to do some of the patent preparation work themselves. I can provide guidance and expertise to help you prepare your patent application, helping you manage costs while getting a good result.

Patent enforcement

Once you’ve been awarded a patent, you must defend your intellectual property against those who would infringe on your rights. I advise and counsel clients about their patent enforcement options, develop cease and desist letters, and perform other patent enforcement services.

Other intellectual property services

My practice specializes in patent protection. As an intellectual property attorney, however, I have expertise across the IP field, including trademark and copyright law. I am happy to answer all of your IP questions.

To date we have received five patents from the USPTO and have the like amount pending with the USPTO. Putting aside Brian’s vast experience and knowledge on the patent process, Brian’s greatest contribution to our process has been his ability to first, listen to what I am trying to accomplish and then have the courage to disagree with me if he feels that we are going down the wrong path. This is a quality that provides my company a sense of comfort and allows for more discussion and collaboration.

In summary, Brian’s hands-on approach has greatly benefited my company and I recommend his services to anyone.